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Alain started teaching adults in 1983. His initial technical teaching experience was with IBM, Microsoft, later to Digital Electronics and Computer Networking at a local college.

Alain owned and operated a Computer Networking company for a decade until he joined a large insurance brokerage firm in 2008. There he taught General Insurance Licensing and continuing education courses to hundreds of students, and new hires. Alain also wrote and delivered the insurance curriculum online across Alberta and Ontario. In 2009, Alain founded AlbertaInsuranceExam.com, which later became netLEARNnow and finally ClickPlay2Learn. 


Experience Facilitators

Senior Facilitator, Content Developer

Alain L. Gauthier

My name is Alain Gauthier. I am the primary course developer and facilitator for courses online here. I founded netLearnNow in 2009, which eventually became Click Play To Learn. I designed curriculum and facilitated learning for teens and adults since 1984, in small & large classrooms, seminars and one on one training sessions. My passion, as always is helping people make the most of the potential they have, and this includes making the most of the technology available to them. You can visit our main site at clickplay2learn.com

Facilitator, Content Developer

Lloyd Kenney

Lloyd graduated from the School of Agriculture, the University of Saskatchewan in 1963. He was subsequently employed for 35 years by a major Western Canadian manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing organization. His various responsibilities through several different positions, included sales, marketing, operations, facility development, recruitment, hiring and performance planning. During his career, he attended numerous courses, seminars and workshops on a wide variety of topics. However, a seminar/workshop on “Performance Planning and Review” was by far the most valuable in improving management skills. Following retirement in 1998, he assisted a couple of small businesses relative to Job Descriptions and Performance Appraisals. Those projects, along with other business contacts, led him to conclude that few small to medium-sized companies and organizations have implemented the kinds of programs he had been using to great advantage for more than 20 years. There is a distinct need for such a program, so he began developing a Performance Planning and Review Package adapted to the requirements of those businesses and organizations that had implemented little, if anything, in that area. The program now being used in his work with a wide range of employers is based on practical, proven methods to improve productivity by having businesses meet their objectives through employees meeting their objectives. This is achieved through Job Descriptions, Orientation Checklists, Workplans, Appraisals, Employee Career Plans and the associated worksheets and guidelines. Within the last six years, Lloyd has teamed with Darel Baker, from Keldar Leadership Solutions, to conduct a series of one-day seminars and workshops on Recruitment, Hiring and Performance Planning to many business and organization owners and managers, from Calgary to Fort McMurray. Also included in those sessions was an introduction to Lloyd’s “Hire for HIPPA, Train for Skill” concept, which illustrates the need to increase the emphasis on personal attributes in the hiring process. Currently, Lloyd is collaborating with associates Darel Baker and Alain Gauthier to extend The Performance Planning Program and various seminars and workshops to a broader audience. New initiatives include making training and complete programs available to clients via the internet. Since 2003, Lloyd has also been marketing Pre-Paid Legal Services and more recently, Identity Theft Shield, to further assist businesses and organizations to improve employee productivity. In what little “spare” time he has, Lloyd volunteers at a Senior’s Home in St. Albert and enjoys doing a variety of woodworking projects.