Frequently Asked Questions

If you still don't find the answer to your question after looking here, email us ([email protected])

  • Is the material current?

    The licensing exams have not changed for a few years now. The challenge was to update the material to match the current licensing exams. We have done that. However, some of the handouts may display an older date; in those few cases, the material did not change, so there was no need to re-write the guide(s). If you feel that any of the information is incorrect, contact us, and we will review it with you. For example, the Level I course contains 68 video lessons and 85 documents (PDFs) like policy wordings, study guides and relevant handouts.

  • Where are the Study Guides?

    Study Guides are included in the Resource Sections for each course. Some of the modules, like the Commercial Insurance Modules, do not require a Study Guide. In those few situations, we feel that the lessons are complete in themselves and that a Study Guide would likely not enhance the course. An eBook could be added to the course or module at a later date, but it would be more like a transcript of the video lessons and would not add any new information. Let me know what you think. If a study guide is needed for a topic, we will consider creating one.

  • What are the payment options?

    We accept, MasterCard, Visa and other major cards. Upon approval, we can invoice you, and you pay us via an eTransfer or mail a cheque. Once approved, larger organizations can register learners via email, and we will invoice bi-monthly. Contact us via email for details.​

  • Do you have a Refund Policy?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for online courses.

  • What is the discount for Agencies and Brokerages?

    If you work for an Insurance Agency or Brokerage in Canada, you qualify for a 20% discount. Email us, or use the Contact Page on this site, with your information and we will send you the Discount Code. Part of the process will be for you or your manager to send us an email from your corporate account so that we can verify your eligibility. If you are using the Contact Page mailing process, please make sure to include your corporate email address in the request. This discount applies to any Insurance Courses we offer.

  • Video won't play, skips or gives an error message.

    Here are a few questions to help resolve this issue: 1. What operating system are you running on? Windows x or Mac? 2. What browser are you using? Microsoft Edge? Internet Explorer? Firefox? Google Chrome? On Windows, we recommend Chrome. 3. id you experience the same issue on a different computer? From a different location, if using a laptop? Did you try from a tablet? Or, any other mobile device? On Mac computers, we have seen no issues. On Windows computers, most if not all of the problems were browser-related. We found that installing Google Chrome on either computer operating systems speeds up access. ​Try these and let me know how it goes.

  • I did not receive a verification email after I registered.

    Make sure you check your junk or spam mailbox as the verification email may have been diverted to that folder. If you still do not see the verification email in any folder, use the contact page and send us an email. Please provide the username and email you used to sign up with.

  • Other question about site, the courses, or need help?

    All questions, whether they are for technical support or pre-sales inquiries, have to go through our HelpDesk Ticket system. Because of our current external contract obligations, we no longer can accept phone calls. However, if the case warrants it, we will contact you to discuss the issue so that you are receiving the help you need. Our HelpDesk system is monitored throughout the day, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We apologize for the inconvenience,